Life Update

I don’t write as much as I once did. I buried my head in a new life in San Francisco, my job, and figured weekend adventures up to Marin or Yosemite or Pacifica didn’t make the same entertaining reading material as all my capers south of the border.

That doesn’t mean that my life got boring – in fact, every year (both personally and professionally) seems to get just a little better than the one before. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to help build FiveStars from the ground up starting as an account manager and then, helping build out the customer success team. I made mistakes, learned so much, and build some lifelong friendships along the way. Joining FiveStars three years ago was one of the best decisions of my life, and now, I stand on the edge of “my next big thing”.

Next week, I start at Lyft working on their retention operations team and couldn’t be more stoked. Three years ago, I remember standing on 16th and Guerrero (now just a few blocks from my house) trying to hail a cab after having a drink at Elixir with some friends. After 10 minutes, I walked down to Valencia, and spent the next 20 minutes running from corner to corner in the rain every time I saw a cab that might be open. I wanted a better way to get home and in those miserable moments that I spent in the rain, I needed a better way.

When Lyft gained traction a year later, ridesharing and the ease of the whole experience just made sense. It wasn’t a new concept (hailing back to my Kiva days, ridesharing was just how you got around), but the way Lyft built the community between drivers and passengers was unique and reminded me of how relational every ride was in Guatemala and Peru. As I talked to Zach about Lyft and then through every interview I had, I realized the community Lyft built doesn’t stop in the car but extends to every member of the team.

Leaving FiveStars is extremely bittersweet – I am leaving some amazing friends and coworkers at an amazing time in the company’s history. But as I look into the future, I am so pumped to combine two of my passions (travel and building community), learn from some incredible new colleagues, and help Lyft bring fist bumps to every corner of the world.

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