Save Me, San Diego

It´s not a daydream if you decide to make it your life – Train

It has been a while.  And typically with my schedule as it was in the states I would never have the chance to get on and blog.  But here I am.  I think its only because I am trying to put off packing for as long as possible.

I visited a ton of people (and I´m super bummed about those that I never got a chance to hang out with!) and tomorrow, I leave for Cuzco, Peru.  As I leave, I wonder what would happen if I stayed.  If I would get a job, if I would be happy back in L.A. or the U.S.A. for a while.  But if I did, I would wonder what sort of adventure I missed out on down south.  Which is why I try to continue to turn my travel dreams into reality.  Over the next few months, I´m going to live at the base of Machu Piccu, explore Patagonia, and continue to serve as a Kiva Fellow in one of the coolest cities in South America.

It´s with a mix of nostalgia and excitement that I leave the U.S. because when you get down to it, nothing in the world beats a California sunset or crusing down PCH.

3 thoughts on “Save Me, San Diego

  1. Hey Eric.
    I set an alarm to call you tonight. Hopefully I can leave UCLA by 9pm, but if its too late then I will see you in four months my friend. I’ll call you tonight.

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