Vacation Time

Wait what happened to Eric?? Great I have been blogging for so long that I´m beginning to refer to myself in third person… And somehow I figure that if I don´t update my blog for a period of more than a week all hell will break loose.  So, here is to me scheduling a post for when I am gone to update you on my life.

In the last week, my life hasn´t slowed down.  From the moment I arrived in the capital, I was inundated with stuff to get done (both work and personal). First of all, I had to present myself at the police station last Tuesday to expand the report of my robbery.  Then, that night I moved into the Baptist Seminary a block away from the office to stay for the week.  The arraignment has been, well, rustic (but nice).  I am definitely in a safe place, and after work, I can go to the store for some snacks and eat out at restaurants in the Zona 7. But the best part, in my opinion, IS THE POOL. Yes, there is a pool at the seminary.

Not quite sure it makes up for the spiders and cockroaches in my room, but there is a pool that I can swim in after work.  Then, right about 7:30pm right after my swim, I take off with Hebe, an Argentine coworker who also lives in the seminary, to a comedor around the corner and eat a great meals provided by Juanita for$2 every night.  Last night, I had a smoked pork chop with rice, beans and fresh tortillas mmm….

But if you are reading this now, I have crossed three borders in route to Managua, Nicaragua.  Next week is a holiday for Guatemala and since the Executive Director of FAPE is since on his trip to Israel, I (along with the rest of the Kiva Fellows) figured it would be high time get in some R & R. So, I took a $120 bus ride from the Capital at 4am through El Salvador, Honduras and then finally Nicaragua to make it to Managua by Saturday night.

We will go to Omotepe and San Juan del Sur to climb some volcanoes and soak up some sun.  More updates and videos after the trip!

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