Where I´ve Been (Not a Facebook App)

Read this if you are wondering where I am. Where I am going (both soon and not so soon). Read if you have seen Guatemala in the news lately or if you were wondering what the life of a Kiva Fellow is like.

First of all, Happy Birthday Mom! Secondly, I have been way too many places in the last couple of days, and it looks like my journey is just starting….

I had to leave Aldea Nimasac. I had to get back to the capital. For one, I had basically completed my work there (with the Cerise 98% done and finishing my Borrower Verifications on Friday).  And secondly, I had a summons to present myself at the police station regarding the report that was filed (of my robbery). I was stoked at first about the prospects that they caught the guy and I would be getting my stuff back, but as it turns out, they only wanted to expand the report that was filed.

First, a recap of my time in the Aldea:

But I had to leave. Unfortunately over the weekend, it rained. Hard. It was plastered all over the news, and I didn´t realize how bad it really was until I received a phone call from my Dad asking if I was still breathing. Living in a village really disconnects you from the world around you (so much so that my Dad a thousand miles away knew more about what was happening than me 30km from the action).  Determined to get back, I convinced the driver at ASDIR: intentamos por lo menos (let´s try at least).  We tried two routes that were both blocked by landslides and finally came across one that went from Totonicapán to Quiche to Chichicastenago back to the road we wanted to be on at Los Encuentros.  After an 8 hour trip (that should have taken 3 hours) I was back in the capital…

On a completely different note: I got accepted to the following Kiva fellowship in Cuzco, Peru (so if you want to go to Machu Piccu there has never been a better time than coming to visit me!).  I will be working with a microfinance institution there called Asociación Arariwa.

And this Saturday, I am leaving on a 17 hour bus ride to Managua, Nica to meet up with some Kiva fellows for a vacation to Ometepe and San Juan del Sur!

As a closing thought, remember the words of John Steinbeck in Grapes of Wrath “How can you hope for heaven if your life ain´t lived?” And Viví.

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