Broken Windows and El Robo

Yesterday, pulled into a gas station for a quick trip to the ATM. In the 2 minutes we were inside, someone broke the window, and extracted my backpack with my laptop and both cameras!

Thankfully, I wasn´t in the car as the robbers were armed. Reminds you of the value of life as you desperately want to get your stuff back, but realize how stupid it would be to do anything about it.

Full story to come this saturday on KIVA FELLOWS BLOG

2 thoughts on “Broken Windows and El Robo

  1. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. May God be your strength every day, at least your okay and your life was in God’s hands. I’m so glad that you were safe though. May God reward you openly and may you get blessings from heaven and May God surprise you in ways like never ever before and may you get ur stuff back and 10 and 100 fold. May God be your light during this thing. My prayers are with you, bro. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m very sorry. I feel for you. I still love you no matter what happened.

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