From LA to SF to Guat City

At the bottom of my KIVA placement form, I wrote “Send me where you need me” because the truth was, I could go anywhere as long as I was helping people in a meaningful way through microfinance.

So, three weeks ago I got an email that I was going to Guatemala City to work with an organization called FAPE (see their KIVA partner page here:  And last week I was up in San Francisco training at the KIVA headquarters and beefing up on my microfinance know-how.

And on the 29th I’m jet-setting to Guatemala City to meet up with FAPE’s executive director and begin work with their organization as a KIVA Fellow. I would encourage everyone reading this to first lend (especially to FAPE or ASDIR in Guatemala) because there is a possibly that I will meet the entrepreneurs that you loaned money out too. Secondly follow this blog for updates on my work, and email me with any questions you may have!

3 thoughts on “From LA to SF to Guat City

  1. Hey Eric!
    Congrats on your Kiva placement – and graduation from KF training! My husband and I are also Pepperdine alum (2005) who were Kiva Fellows… Back in the day of KF8. (This time last year we were at K-MET in Kisumu, Kenya.) Glad to hear you’re passionate about your post and the work ahead!! Wishing you the best!
    Alison (and Joel) Carlman

  2. Eric congratulations on Kiva! Wow you must be excited.

    Could you add a subscription section to your blog so it’s easier to follow your work? (on your wordpress admin page you should be able to add it under the ‘Widgets’ subsection of the ‘Appearance’ tab)

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