A Good Day

For the last year, I have slept, ate and drank microfinance.  Not literally of course, but I have read every book I have heard of on the subject, I have gone to one of Professor Yunus’ lectures, and I have gotten involved in a young professionals microfinance network here in Los Angeles.  Just today I was down on Pepperdine’s campus helping a friend (one that recently got awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study microfinance) fund raise for a microfinance institution in Cordoba, Argentina.

For the last year, I have seen microfinance as the bridge that enables those in need to cross over into a better life. More than that, I perceive it as my bridge connecting my passion for the poor with my passion for business.  I suppose this is why I have told everyone that has asked me about post-graduation plans that I am going to be pursuing microfinance with my International Business degree from Pepperdine University.

A good day. Today. Over the past year, I have searched and applied for several opportunities in the world of microfinance, but I have particularly been enamored by the KIVA Fellowship over them all as a way to explore microfinance in a very hands on way.  Today, a good day. Today, I received news that I had been selected for the KF12 Training Program and I sent in my KIVA Fellowship Agreement.

A good day. The first of many I hope to have as a KIVA Fellow.

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